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british luxury cars

The leading British car brands have been building advanced vehicles for many years. Some vehicles are popular for their design, quality, and overall performance. And that list of British luxury cars is endless. 

The UK auto industry is best known for reliable luxury cars from major manufacturers Aston Martin, Bentley, Land Rover, McLaren, Mini, Morgan, and Rolls-Royce.

The UK was the first country in Europe to develop a premium car in 1960 when the Rover P6, the most popular luxury model in the UK at the time, hit the market. 

UK cars are a huge part of history and have had a huge impact on European car brands. Many luxury cars are known for their luxury, unique design, quality, and overall high performance. 

We’ve compiled a list of the best luxury British cars to make sure the next car you buy is made in the UK.

What are the top British luxury cars?

The British have made countless luxury cars over time and collecting them is a tedious task. But there are some British premium cars that are making a name for themselves in the auto industry.

Such as Aston Martin DB5, Jaguar XJ220, McLaren P1, Range Rover, Jaguar E-Type, McLaren F1, and Original Mini are top-of-the-range British luxury cars. 

Let’s take a look at some more exclusive British cars you might have heard of and learn a little more.

  1. Jaguar E-Type
  2. Rolls-Royce Ghost 
  3. McLaren P1
  4. McLaren F1
  5. Aston Martin Vanquish
  6. Jaguar XJ220
  7. Range Rover
  8. Rolls-Royce Cullinan
  9. Bentley Continental GT 
  10. Bentley Bentayga
  11. Rolls Royce Phantom

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What Makes British Luxury Cars So Expensive? 

Every UK luxury car has many unique characteristics that make these cars so expensive. The manufacturer of these car brands makes it clear that each car is unique.

If a customer is inspired by a particular model and requests the same finish, they must seek permission from the original purchaser. It goes without saying that your vehicle is unique. Because even if another customer wants the same color finish for their vehicle, the interiors are specially tailored to convey a homey feel. 

Scroll down to see the top reasons why British luxury cars are so expensive:

  • Exclusive Features Of Special Models:

Buyers come up with innovative ideas to make their luxury look exclusive. A buyer is said to have requested a diamond car finish. Rolls-Royce, the UK’s leading car brand, with its excellent executives, has done this by smashing several real diamonds and mixing them with the display to give the desired shine.

  • Great Interior Design:

Some cars are inherently different even though they look the same. Take a look at an approach the next time you cross the Atlantic. British models are much prettier inside. Some VWs have different (cheaper) chassis in the USA. Because you don’t have that many curves.

  • Additional Charges:

We include all taxes in the price of the luxury car. We have a sales tax and registration tax that goes up to 1000 if you have a big, expensive cat, most of which are on par with cars available in the US. Generally, we give cars the Highest specs in the UK.

  • Limited Number Of Production:

A small series vehicle must absolutely cost more than a series vehicle. For example, if you take a billion dollars in product development costs and distribute that across a vehicle model that sells around 10,000 units a year for 5 years, you look for $ 20,000 per car just to cover the expenses.

11 Luxury British Cars Collection – Luxurious Premium Vehicles

British cars have always seemed attractive and luxurious to me, but also mostly a mystery. These vehicles have gone through much of the same foreign investment process, and some are even US-owned.

We select the rarest and newest specimens from the leading luxury automobile manufacturers and prepare them at the highest level before buying. Here we run some of the 11 luxury British cars of all time, most of which have become best selling cars and still offer coveted luxury cars to this day.

1. Jaguar E-Type

british luxury cars
  • Production time: 1961 -1975
  • Class: Luxury Sports Car
  • Engine: 4.2 L/V6
  • Top Speed: 153 MPH

The Jaguar E-Type is the most beautiful car in the world. Its long, curved bonnet and small, simple grille make the car one of the most famous British luxury cars in the automotive world; a design that every British gentleman should recognize immediately.

The Jaguar E-Type has named the best luxury British car of all time on the opening day of Classic & Sports Car – The London Show 2015.

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This car produces 265 horsepower, 3.8-liter inline 6 cylinders, and ignites a plant of energy said to be capable of reaching 150 mph. The E-types enjoy improved seating and ventilation, making them more comfortable and easier to use, but a decent one will still cost a hefty amount of $410,000.

2. Rolls-Royce Ghost

royal british cars
  • Production time: 2009- Present
  • Class: Ultra-Luxury Car
  • Engine: 6.8 L/V12
  • Top Speed: 153 MPH

A flawless, high-quality driving experience, seemingly endless power, V12 engine cars, and a majestic exterior design make the Rolls-Royce Ghost a breathtaking British luxury car.

The Rolls-Royce Ghost is powered by a 6.75-liter twin-turbo V12, which has a torque of 627 lb.-ft. from 1,600 pm. generated. This rotation at such a modest crank speed is one of the things that makes the Phantom so special.

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Since the original version appeared in 2009, it has been the most successful model in the 116-year history of the brand. It attracts younger buyers looking for a slightly smaller, more driver-oriented vehicle, with its exclusive price of $ 311,900.

3. McLaren P1

luxury british cars
  • Production time: 2013- 2015
  • Class: Luxury Sports Car
  • Engine: 3.8 L/V6
  • Top Speed: 217 MPH

The McLaren P1 hypercar is one of the best cars ever built in the UK. Perhaps the best feature of the McLaren P1’s interior is its suitability for everyday use.

You can take small business trips with a 9-mile electric tour. It accelerates from zero to 60 mph in 2.7 seconds and hits 124 mph in a staggering 6.8 seconds and hits 60 mph in less than 3 seconds and it’s unbelievably beautiful.

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At $ 1.1 million, the original McLaren P1 is definitely representative of the incredible performance it carries. Like a giant Lego car, the McLaren P1’s body consists of just 5 parts. These are the front and rear decks, the cockpit, and two doors.

4. McLaren F1

british luxury cars
  • Production time: 1992- 1998
  • Class: Luxury Sports Car
  • Engine: 6.1 L/V12
  • Top Speed: 240 MPH

Dubbed the legend of the automotive industry and a masterpiece of design/engineering, the F1 has so many interesting features that it is impossible not to ignore them. 

Thanks to a 618 hp 6.1-liter V-12 engine from BMW, the F1 was able to go 60 mph in 3.2 seconds from a standstill. This engine was able to deliver more consistent power than any turbo engine of its time.

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The McLaren F1 had a clean design with all components except the taillights built specifically for it. A fun fact about McLaren F1 is that it sold for $ 19.8 million at an RM Sotheby’s sponsored auction in the summer of 2019.

5. Aston Martin Vanquish

new british luxury cars
  • Production time: 2001- 2018
  • Class: Luxury Sports Car
  • Engine: 5.9 L/V12
  • Top Speed: 201 MPH

The Aston Martin Vanquish S is a masterful combination of art and technology. The Vanquish S has innovative technology, an impressive appearance, the best materials, and is available as a Coupé or Volante.

The Vanquish S is Aston Martin’s ultimate super GT. It is powered by a 6.0-liter V12 engine and faces stiff competition from the Ferrari F12 and Bentley Continental.

The V12 engine gives the Vanquish S a powerful performance. Some of the Vanquish S’s performance highlights include 580 horsepower, a top speed of 201 mph, and 0-100 mph in 3.5 seconds.

6. Jaguar XJ220

best british luxury car
  • Production time: 1992- 1994
  • Class: Luxury Sports Car
  • Engine: 6.2 L/V12
  • Top Speed: 212 MPH

The Jaguar XJ220 is a prototype that was launched in 1988 with a bespoke V12 engine and all-wheel drive to compete with models such as the Porsche 959 and Ferrari F40. 

In our eyes, the XJ220 remains one of the best luxury British cars and organic supercar profiles of all time.

Inside the car, augmented reality provides important information and the driver can also rely on a virtual assistant called KITT-E. It set a Guinness world record in 1993 as the fastest production car in the world at over 217 mph. The price for this car ranges from $ 350,000 to $ 412,000 at various auction houses.

7. Range Rover

Top luxury british cars
  • Production time: 1969- Present
  • Class: Luxury SUV
  • Engine: 5.0 L/V8
  • Top Speed: 176 MPH

The Range Rover ranks at the top of the luxury large SUV class. It offers a spacious interior, a powerful range of engines, and excellent off-road mobility, but it also has a cumbersome infotainment system. 

This SUV feels fairly stable around corners and glides comfortably on uneven surfaces, but still offers excellent off-road mobility when the going gets tough.

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The Range Rover’s powerful range of engines enables fast acceleration and powerful pulling power. The 2023 Range Rover has a starting price of $ 92,000, well above the average for a large luxury SUV.

8. Rolls-Royce Cullinan

british luxury vehicle
  • Production time: 2018- Present
  • Class: Full Size Luxury SUV
  • Engine: 6.8 L/V12
  • Top Speed: 155 MPH

Rolls-Royce Cullinan is one of expensive luxury British cars that Rolls-Royce has ever built. Named for the largest diamond ever found, the Cullinan carries on the legacy of the great lattice, palace gates, and the boundless opulence of the Pantheon.

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Luxury can also be found under the hood of the Cullinan, where you’ll see a 6.75-liter V12 turbo engine. 571 horsepower and 627 pound-feet of torque are enough to propel this over 6,000 pound SUV with authority. 

Inside shows the opulence of Rolls-Royce. It’s not just the long list of features and bells and whistles, but the way each of them is built in the perfect place every time is something that defines vehicles.

9. Bentley Continental GT

british luxury cars
  • Production time: 2003- Present
  • Class: Grand tourer
  • Engine: 6.0 L/V12
  • Top Speed: 208 MPH

The Bentley Continental GT is a part of British luxury cars perfect for any occasion. The GT stands for Grand Touring, and the Conti’s cabin is truly grand, pampering its occupants with fine leather and beautiful wood. 

Bentley offers the Continental GT with a 626-hp W12 engine. The Bentley Continental GT is a premium luxury four-passenger coupe that is also available as a convertible. 

You can store five pieces of carry-on luggage in the trunk of the Continental – enough room for a weekend trip with your favorite towing travel trailer. The Bentley Continental GT starts at $ 202,500 for the V8 model before charging a target rate of $ 2,725.

10. Bentley Bentayga

royal british cars
  • Production time: 2015- Present
  • Class: Mid Size Luxury SUV
  • Engine: 3.0 L/V6
  • Top Speed: 180 MPH

The Bentley Bentayga is one of the most luxurious SUVs you can buy by bringing Bentley’s famous interior quality to a soaring 4 × 4 for the first time. 

With a V-8 or V-12 engine under the hood, the Bentayga has the power for sustained high-speed cross-country tours. And behind your back seat, there is a cargo hold with enough square meters for a fast shopping spree. 

Its imposing design is combined with a range of innovative technologies to create a vehicle that excels anywhere from the city to the open highway and beyond. It arrives at an MSRP of approximately $ 156,900.

11. Rolls Royce Phantom

new british luxury cars
  • Production time: 1925- Present
  • Class: Mid Size Luxury SUV
  • Engine: 6.8 L/V12
  • Top Speed: 155 MPH

The Rolls-Royce Phantom is one of the most opulent British luxury cars available today. The cabin, especially that of the extended wheelbase model, is exceptionally spacious and exceptionally comfortable.

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The finest leathers, woods, metals, and fabrics are carefully selected to create a palatial setting. A silky-smooth 563-hp twin-turbo V-12, combined with an eight-speed automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive, delivers incredible power.

These customization options will significantly increase the Phantom’s starting price by nearly half a million.

Top FAQs About Royal British Cars

What are British luxury cars?

These are the top British luxury cars named Aston Martin Rapide S, Bentley Continental GT, Bentley Flying Spur, Bentley Mulsanne, Jaguar XF, Jaguar XJ.

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Final Thought

You will surely be surprised after reading this blog because the most extraordinary ultra-luxury vehicle in the world belongs to the UK auto industry.

After all, the UK was a leader in the manufacture of these amazing cars in the early automobile years. Now play your game to choose the best British luxury cars from this collection. If there is still a car left, let us know in the comment.

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