OnStar Assurance Plan: Look Out For Your Personal Safety & Security

onstar assurance plan

Developed by General Motors, OnStar is a satellite-based communications system. The subscription-based OnStar assurance plan offers services like concierge, navigation, roadside help, anti-theft, and roadside assistance.

The OnStar service has been accessible on GM vehicles since 2015 and later through the OnStar Guardian mobile app. At first, GM offered the OnStar service as a deluxe option. Its non-emergency functions include navigation support and hands-free calling.

The automatic crash reaction is a feature of the OnStar assurance plan. When your car is in an accident, the system will immediately alert an OnStar expert, who can assess the situation and call for help.

Emergency services and help with a stolen car are also provided through OnStar. Your car’s OnStar button will provide immediate assistance in dire situations. The stolen vehicle assistance feature can also assist law enforcement if your car is stolen.

Thanks to the OnStar Assurance Plan, you and your passengers will always be in capable hands. So let’s explore OnStar’s plans, services, and advantages.

How Does OnStar Work?

The Onstar system provides services by combining GPS and cellular technology. The Onstar system has a GPS receiver as well. Using this feature, the Onstar advisor can assist you whenever you are unsure of your exact location.

In addition to offering services to drivers, the Onstar system has various features that can aid in the safety and security of your car.

For example, it can immediately summon assistance if your airbags deploy or you are involved in an accident. It can also assist you in locating your vehicle if it has been stolen.

What Are The Benefits Of OnStar Services?

Your car may become more connected and safe than ever before, thanks to the many advantages OnStar offers. Below are some benefits of OnStar services provides, which are available in various plans and options:

A. Connectivity

You can maintain contact with your favorite car dealership and inform them of your vehicle’s requirements. You will receive notifications regarding recalls, diagnostic information, and maintenance reminders. All new OnStar-capable vehicles also receive marketplace incentives from GM.

B. Remote Control

OnStar features a remote control, so you can start your car with the mobile app. Moreover, you can even lock the car doors and check the fuel level from the app itself.

C. Data

OnStar’s system allows both personal and emergency phone calls. This means you can contact aid or family members if you forget or lose your phone. There are also in-vehicle OnStar wifi plans that allow other devices to connect.

D. Safety & Security

OnStar also looks out for its drivers in the event of an accident, inclement weather, stolen vehicles, or other safety and security concerns.

What Are The OnStar Free Basic Plan Options?

According to their website, OnStar offers four basic plans with various add-on choices. If you desire certain services, there is a plan for you. To determine the best plan for your vehicle, contact OnStar directly. Below are the four main alternatives.

A. Basic Plan

All new GM vehicles with OnStar capability include an OnStar free basic plan for the first five years. This includes using the OnStar app and any vehicle-specific apps like myCadillac, myGMC, myChevrolet, or myBuick.

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The SmartDriver function will help you save money on insurance. Instead of relying on driver assistance, this feature encourages drivers to be more attentive and observant. The basic OnStar package also keeps you informed of your vehicle’s maintenance.

You’ll also get various remote features, such as a door lock control and remote start. AtYourService lets you make restaurant reservations, order pizza, and identify nearby coffee shops as part of the basic package.

B. Protection Plan

The protection plan offers assistance in an emergency in addition to all of the services covered by the basic plan. Included in the Protection Plan are:

  • Crisis intervention.
  • Side-by-side support.
  • Automatic response to a crash.

OnStar advisors are always available to assist you in your time of need. An advisor will be alerted automatically if your car is engaged in an accident. These can assist in getting a first responder to the car’s position without requiring anything.

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Roadside aid is comparable to crisis assistance. Nonetheless, it lets drivers request assistance in severe weather or another form of emergency. With this package, assistance is available by pressing the OnStar button in the vehicle.

C. Security Plan

If you choose the OnStar security plan, you’ll get the same benefits as the basic and protection plans. You will also receive the Stolen Vehicle Assistance function. The GPS sensors in automobiles help drivers and authorities locate stolen vehicles.

Another benefit of this plan is the alarm alert, which will notify you by smartphone if your vehicle’s alarm is activated.

D. Guidance Plan

With the guidance plan, you can add turn-by-turn directions via the OnStar system. This isn’t just any old navigation; these are instructions from a live OnStar counselor. Ask for directions using your car’s OnStar system, and listen to the directions.

This is the OnStar premium plan because it includes all of the characteristics of the other plans. This plan also includes 30 minutes of hands-free calling every month.

What Are The Services OnStar Provides?

If you’re in the market for a new GM vehicle, you’ll want to know about its Onstar services! Drivers and passengers can connect to a service that can help them at the push of a button.

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There are various levels of OnStar subscriptions available, including complimentary choices. Here are some of the services on GM cars with OnStar.

A. Emergency Services & Crisis Assist

OnStar-enabled GM vehicles provide Emergency Services and Crisis Assist. With the press of a button, emergency care is available immediately. In your GM vehicle, the Emergency Services button is adjacent to the OnStar button.

When the red button is pressed, the car’s occupant is connected to an Emergency-certified consultant. The consultant can then analyze the caller’s needs and connect them with the appropriate emergency assistance provider.

When Mother Nature turns for the worse, the Crisis Help feature comes in handy. Accessing this feature will provide critical safety information to the driver and passengers of the vehicle.

B. Roadside Assistance

Car maintenance is unavoidable whether you’re on a cross-country road trip or just going to the store. When a tire goes flat while driving, it can result in a dangerous loss of traction and control, especially at high speeds.

Even if a tire goes flat while the automobile is parked, it may do so at an inconvenient spot. Don’t panic; simply push the button and inform the representative of your situation.

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Obtaining Roadside Assistance assures that you will not be alone for long. A helping hand or tow truck can be dispatched as soon as possible to get their vehicle back on the road.

C. Remote Access

The OnStar remote access package includes a key fob and the Onstar mobile app. You can use the key fob to flash your lights or sound the alarm to help find your stolen vehicle.

Another advantage is the remote start, available under the OnStar remote access subscription. Warming up your automobile on a chilly morning might make for a more comfortable commute.

Finally, the app informs the user about the front lines of your vehicle’s health.

D. Navigational Feature

You can use turn-by-turn navigation and built-in navigation to get to your location. Drivers are connected to an OnStar Adviser via the turn-by-turn navigation feature. The counselor will provide detailed instructions.

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They can also immediately submit navigational instructions to the built-in system. Another excellent alternative for guiding drivers is built-in navigation. Drivers can keep their eyes on the road while being alerted to impending turns and merges.

E. Safety

If the Automatic Collision Response feature is enabled, it can rapidly relay information to nearby emergency personnel. This will alert them to the fact that there has been an accident. It also tells you where your OnStar-enabled vehicle is.

Another feature that OnStar-equipped vehicles will appreciate is the ability to locate a stolen vehicle. The objective is that by discovering a stolen car early, it can be restored to its original owner.

OnStar Subscription OnStar Plans and Pricing

In mid-2022, the basic OnStar Safety and Security plan with popular features will be advertised at $29.99 monthly. The $39.99 Essentials package includes your vehicle’s location, remote key fob access, and on-demand diagnostics.

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For $49.99, you get Amazon Alexa plus in-car features for streaming, navigation, and using wifi. You can also pay separately for some services, such as $25 per month for unlimited mobile data or $14.99 for remote access.

When you sign up, you can save money by paying for the entire year at once rather than OnStar monthly fee. Start the enrollment process online to check the pricing for each billing plan, or call OnStar for more information.

OnStar Services Phone Number/Contact

OnStar contributes to peace of mind. Gain more self-assurance at home and behind the car. If you need assistance with your OnStar account, OnStar login credentials, OnStar wifi, or simply have concerns about your OnStar services, call them at:

Quick Response Chat

  • OnStar Phone Number – 1.888.466.7827
  • Contact OnStar by Mail – OnStar Member Services, PO Box 1027, Warren, MI 48090-1027
  • TTY for Hearing/Speech Impaired – 1.877.248.2080

Top FAQs About How To Get Onstar For Free In 2023

How Much Does OnStar Cost?

The Connected Car package is the most basic and costs $24.99 monthly. This plan includes services such as car location and remote customization. The Safety and Security plan, which costs $29.99 per month, comes next.

This plan includes roadside assistance and automatic crash detection from OnStar. The Essentials plan combines the elements of the Connected Vehicle plan and the Safety and Security plan. This plan costs $39.99 per month and includes the same features as the other two.

The Premium plan is the final choice. This subscription contains the same features as the Basics package and built-in Alexa capabilities. This plan costs you $49.99 OnStar monthly fee.

How To Get OnStar For Free 2023?

Certain car sales include a free trial of OnStar services. This is a terrific way to add more amenities to your new vehicle while also testing out OnStar before deciding whether or not to purchase it.

When purchasing a vehicle with OnStar capabilities, make sure to ask the dealership whether there is any form of a free trial or reduced pricing included.

Is OnStar Worth It?

Yes, we believe OnStar is worth the expense. OnStar adds several fantastic features to your vehicle that you’ll be glad you have when the time comes. For example, if you have an accident, OnStar will immediately identify it and notify emergency services.

If your vehicle is stolen, OnStar can locate it and return it to you. Another excellent application for OnStar is when your vehicle breaks down on the side of the road, as OnStar can dispatch roadside help to your location via GPS.

How To Cancel OnStar Services Online?

To cancel your OnStar Subscription, follow these easy steps:

  1. Call on OnStar services phone number 888-466-7827
  2. Ask to speak with a representative
  3. Provide them with your customer details and membership information
  4. Ask them to cancel your service
  5. Request a confirmation email

To make the subscription cancel onstar without calling online, simply visit onstar.com

Do You Need OnStar For My Chevy App?

Yes, you need OnStar for MyChevrolet Mobile App. When you purchase a new Chevrolet, you will receive free limited-time access to Chevrolet Connected Services and the OnStar Safety and Security Plan. And the app can be used in conjunction with these.

However, you can also unleash the full potential of your new Chevrolet by subscribing to the Remote Access Plan.

Does OnStar Still Work Without Subscription?

Yes, Onstar can find your vehicle without requiring a subscription. However, you must contact their customer service department and provide them with car information such as the make, model, and license plate number.

They can find your automobile using their GPS once they get this information.

How To Tell If OnStar Is Activated?

You can do a few things to determine whether Onstar is activated.

● First, examine your vehicle’s information display. If you see the Onstar logo, that means it’s turned on.

● You can check your Onstar account online if your vehicle lacks an information display or the Onstar symbol does not appear.

● Login and navigate to the “My Account” area. Your Onstar membership is inactive if you see a “Activate Now” button.

● If you are unsure, contact Onstar at 1-888-4Onstar (1-888-466-7827). They will be able to inform you whether or not your Onstar is activated.

How To Activate Onstar Without Being In The Car?

If you’re thinking about enabling Onstar without being in your car, there are a few options.

● The first method is to use the Onstar smartphone app. You may get this software free from the Apple Store or Google Play.

● Simply login in using your Onstar account details once you’ve loaded the app.

● Once logged in, you’ll have access to all of Onstar’s services. This includes things like activating your system and booking appointments.

If you do not have an account, then:

● You must first establish an account on the Onstar website.

● After that, you can log in and activate your service.

● To do so, you must enter your Onstar account number and the activation code that arrived with your vehicle.

● Once you’ve entered these, you can activate your Onstar service and begin using it immediately.

What OnStar Services Are Free?

The initial OnStar Free Basic plan, introduced in 2014 for 2015 model-year vehicles, allows for a five-year connection between GM-OnStar and the vehicle. The service is provided for free for five years and comprises the following services:

● Keyfob services allow owners to remotely start, lock/unlock doors, and trigger the horn and lights using the myChevrolet, myBuick, myGMC, myCadillac app, or the OnStar RemoteLink app.

● Dealer Maintenance Notification via OnStar Car Diagnostics

Final Thoughts

The OnStar Assurance Package is a wonderful choice for anyone seeking roadside assistance. Its features include Automatic Collision Response, Emergency Services, and Stolen Vehicle Help, which means the difference in an emergency.

Furthermore, the package includes features like Roadside Help and Turn-by-Turn Navigation. Drivers who subscribe to the OnStar Assurance Plan may rest certain that they have a dependable companion in their corner.

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