What are The Pros and Cons of Using a Car Towing Dolly?

Are you looking for ways to tow your car using a tow dolly? Or are you looking for advantages or disadvantages of using a car towing dolly? If yes, then you happen to be just in the right place. A tow dolly is one of the most common and traditional ways of transporting or towing your car from one place to another. It is one of the most cost-effective ways of towing your car to shorter distances.

The process of using a car dolly for towing is quite simple and can be done by anyone with a few simple steps and proper safety precautions. So without wasting any time further, let us dive into this article to learn more about tow dolly towing methods and the pros and cons that you might encounter while using this method.

What is a Car Tow Dolly?

A car tow dolly is a tool designed exclusively to transport another motor vehicle from one place to another. In this process, the rare front wheels of the towed motor vehicle are mounted on the tow dolly, while the other part of the vehicle or wheels of the towed vehicle remains in contact with the ground. As a matter of fact, a tow dolly is not required to be registered if traveling in one state.  However, in the case of interstate transport, you might be required to apply for PTI (permanent trailer identification) program. In such a situation, it is best to consult an expert or professional to guide you throughout the process.

Pros of Using a Car Towing Dolly

One of the best parts of using a car towing dolly is that you can cost-effectively transport your car from one location to another. For short-distance transport, this method is considered an ideal option. Hiring services from Car shipping companies for short distances can cost you more than you might pay to purchase a tow dolly tool. In case of emergency, a car tow dolly can help you transport your vehicle easily and quickly, without any hassle.

Car tow dolly can be easily attached to other motor vehicles and can be ready to use in no time. It is considered the fastest way to transport your vehicle to different locations.

Cons of Using a Car Towing Dolly

With advantages come certain disadvantages of using a car tow dolly. Car two dolly is a lightweight and easy-to-use transportation tool that can not provide a high level of safety and security to your car. As the car is exposed to certain elements throughout the journey, your car is prone to get damaged easily. Elements such as wind, dust, dirt, rain, harsh weather conditions, and more can cause potential damage to your vehicle.

Moreover, a car tow dolly can also not provide protection against potholes and dangerous road accidents during the process.

However, if you want to protect your luxury or exotic vehicle from all kinds of external obstacles, you can opt for a professional transport option. Most of the time, the cost of an exotic car transport site service is less than the cost of damage caused by a car towing dolly. And it also takes much less time than the tow dolly option. 

Tips To Tow a Car With a Car Dolly

Now let us look at some top effective tips you can use to a tow dolly to tow your car from one place to another.

1. Inspect the vehicles

The first thing to take into consideration while using a tow dolly is to inspect your car. Remove your personal belongings and stuff that can add more weight to your car. A lightweight car is easy to carry for a longer period.

2. Check the wheel straps

Wheel straps play an important role in the entire process. It helps you hold the car throughout transport and avoid any kind of unwanted incidents taking place. However, the straps can get easily damaged after a certain point. Inspect the straps before attaching them to the wheels.

3. Inspect the parts of a car tow dolly

Similarly, you should also ensure to inspect the car tow dolly before using the same. Check whether the attaching part is strong enough to hold your car for a longer period of time or not.

It is always an ideal decision to take services from experienced and well-known auto transportation companies. These companies possess years of experience in dealing with all kinds of shipping problems and help you transport your car safely from one place to another.

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