5 Cool and Practical Truck Mods You Should Get

Cool and Practical Truck Mods

There are several practical and functional reasons for buying a truck. But have you ever looked at your pickup and felt something is missing but can’t quite figure out what it is? Many new trucks are like a blank canvas waiting for you to put your mark on them and truly make them your own.

Unsurprisingly, one of the top reasons why people buy trucks is the opportunity to customize them.

The good news is that there are several modifications you can make to your truck to get the desired look you want. Whether it is to give your truck a fierce and rugged appearance, turn it into an off-road monster, make it a track king, or have a unique color combination, you have several options available to you.

Properly done, modifications are the tools you need to turn your truck from a ‘blank canvas’ into a work of art. The performance of your truck can also be enhanced with the right modifications. Below are six cool modifications you should consider for your truck.

1. Sound Deadening

Pickup trucks have the tendency of making a lot of noise due to exhaust, road, tire, wind, and mechanical noise. And one of the best upgrades you can make to your truck is to install sound-deadening materials which not only make your truck quieter but also improve the performance of your truck’s stereo.

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There will be a significant improvement in the clarity of your Bluetooth hands-free system after soundproofing it and you enjoy an overall smoother ride. Many people don’t know this but sound deadening materials can help trucks warm faster which comes in handy in cold weather. And you create a more luxurious feel.

2. Lift Kit

Lift kits are one of the most versatile modifications you can make to your truck. For one, lift kits can make your truck look cool and stand out on the road. This is one of the most popular reasons why people install lift kits and there’s nothing bad about that.

Lift kits can also help you increase ground clearance enabling your truck to handle tougher terrain. You’ll be effectively turning your truck into an offroad monster.

You may also look at a lift kit if you want to strengthen your truck’s suspension, see the road clearer, install larger tires, and make your truck easier to tow or work on. There are several trucks lift kits on the market and the most important thing is to choose a trusted supplier. You should also have a professional install the lift kit for you if you have no experience working with trucks.

3. Step Bar

The main benefit of a step bar is to provide you with a convenient way of entering and exiting your vehicle. Shorter drivers and passengers will also benefit from step bars. If your truck is raised, even if it’s a bit raised, you should consider installing step bars. Another benefit of step bars is that they provide easy access to the roof and truck bed.

It’s important you maintain installed step bars on your truck by keeping it clean and dry to prevent slipping. You should also consider step bars with built-in gripping surfaces as they tend to have better traction. And this improved your safety when climbing in your truck.

The function of step bars doors and side panels from being scratched or damaged by rock chips and other debris hitting your truck is worth mentioning. And they also keep the interior of trucks cleaner as they act as a form of a doormat.

4. Heavy-duty Hitch

Some people buy pickups with the intention of doing a lot of towing with them. And while many modern trucks are capable of loads as heavy as half a ton or more, the manufacturer hitch may not be able to handle all your hauling requirements. As a result, you should look into installing a heavy-duty hitch if you expect to do a lot of towing and want the opportunity for more fun.

It’s recommended to install an adjustable hitch that allows you to accommodate different towing applications. All you have to do is move the ball up and down to adapt the hitch to a type of towing.

5. Tonneau Cover

Many truck owners are proud of the open air beds and rightly so. But you should consider installing a tonneau cover. The weather can sometimes be harsh or unpredictable and you’ll need something to protect your cargo.

We are sure you aren’t keen on your cargo getting bombarded by a sudden rainstorm especially if it’s something you should keep away from water. And this makes a tonneau cover an important truck modification.

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