How to Handle a Car Key Stuck in the Ignition?

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How to Handle a Car Key Stuck in the Ignition?

It is a bright Monday, you are getting on with life, everything seems perfect, and suddenly, your car key gets jammed in the ignition. Getting your car key stuck is the worst nightmare for some people. For most people, getting up in the morning and inserting their keys into the ignition comes almost naturally. It is an old concept to prop the key into the ignition and get it out when you appear at your desired avenue. 

However, things can go wrong, getting the key jammed. Usually, car models like Honda and Subaru seem to be at greater risk of this issue. What should you do in this circumstance? Here are some causes of your key being stuck in the ignition.

Causes Of Ignition

It might seem blatant, but troubleshooting the cause first might lead to more beneficial outcomes.

1. Parking Disturbance

It might be possible that your car is not parked appropriately. Make sure to park your vehicle accurately. If your car is not parked accurately, the key gets seized up in the ignition. Thus, the driver must not remove the key until the car is parked safely. It could be a common cause, and troubleshooting will help you realize the source of your complication.

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2.  Locked Steering Wheel

Unfortunately, what happens is that you might have accidentally locked your steering wheel. It happens when you grasp the steering wheel a little too rigidly. It might get locked due to turning it extensively in a particular direction. It also forces the ignition cylinder to turn off, which is a bigger issue than some might know.

3. Dirt and dust

Don’t you hate those vehicles that have a layer of dust on their hood?

This one is for all car owners to keep the inside of their cars in pristine condition. This might seem blatant, but dirt and dust escalate the inconvenience of a stuck key. Be adamant about keeping your car nice and shiny, and not just from the outside.

4. Ignition Cylinder

Your ignition cylinder may be the problem. There might be some faults in your ignition cylinder. It is a common issue and may require proper professional help.

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Now, we focus on how to handle these inconveniences. Here are five important aspects of handling a car key stuck in the ignition.

 How to handle a car key stuck in the ignition

1. Stay Calm

Having your keys stuck on a bustling Monday is a headache. But you should focus and stay calm to sort out this problem. Getting stressed and jittery will only result in more problems for you. You might get late for work, so instead of focusing on “what ifs,” try to calm down and gauge the severity of this issue.

2. Move Your Keys 

It may be that fidgeting your keys around might loosen them up. This step needs care, as it might cause the key to break off in your hands. The keys could get stuck due to problems in the ignition cylinder. Undergo this step carefully, as it could make the situation more complicated. It seems common sense to want to fix the key, so you might open up your mobile phone and search for “key maker near me or a locksmith near me.”

Finding key makers on short notice is distressing, but with Audi Key Services in South Florida, you don’t have to search for anyone else. We provide fast, reliable services, so you don’t have to panic. Relax, close all the tabs on your phone, and let us fulfill your requests.

3. Dirt cleaning

As mentioned above, dirt and dust might jam your keys, so cleanliness is necessary for your car. You should try to clean the surfaces on all sides of the ignition, which might loosen up the key. Clean your car daily to avoid such burdensome worries in the future.

4. Dead Battery

Sometimes, it is a simple case that your battery is dead; therefore, you cannot pull your key out. In your panic, you might not have noticed this botheration. If you have a new car, it is plausible that it is locked due to a dead battery.

5.  Worn Keys

When was the last time you cared for your car keys?

It could be that you use your keys to open many things. For this, carefully try to pull out your key and turn the steering wheel, too, as this might cause the key to come out along with the dirt. Your keys may be worn, and their pins may not work properly. For this, you might need assistance, and you can search for “key duplication near me,” and a bunch of good options will be available at your fingertip. Car key replacement is the best option for a worn-out key.


You need to remember these solutions and solve this issue. Whether it is a stuck key due to being worn out or a problematic ignition cylinder, you can now follow these simple steps to remove the problem.

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