The Importance of Preventative Maintenance on a Vehicle

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The Importance of Preventative Maintenance on a Vehicle

The last thing any driver needs is to be headed down the road like every other day only to hear some odd noise, followed by the unexpected breakdown of their vehicle. This can cost a driver both time and money which creates frustration in the long run. To avoid this, it’s best to handle key maintenance tasks on a regular basis that can ensure your vehicle stays in good condition. Learn everything there is to know about preventative maintenance and the importance of it with your vehicle.

What is Preventative Maintenance? 

For those who have never heard of the term before, preventative maintenance simply refers to the regular and routine maintenance tasks that should be performed on all cars to keep parts operating normally. Preventative maintenance is distinct as it is preemptive maintenance, as opposed to reactive maintenance which occurs after a breakdown.

At its core, preventative maintenance tasks are designed to keep your vehicle running for longer and to reduce the risk of having a breakdown in the first place. 

Sample Preventative Maintenance Schedule to Follow 

Understanding what tasks fall under the umbrella of preventative maintenance can be difficult, but the following preventative maintenance schedule guide for each season will help drivers know where to start: 


  • Double check the windshield wipers are working properly 
  • Inspect your brake pads to be sure they are in working condition
  • Look at the treads on your tires to ensure they can handle strenuous braking 
  • Do a walk-around of your vehicle to ensure all external lights are working
  • Inspect oil and general fluid levels 
  • Check the charge on your vehicle battery 


  • Swap the tires on your vehicle if it uses specific winter tires
  • Inspect the underbody of the vehicle for debris accumulated during winter
  • Check the brakes again to see how they fared through the winter
  • Take your vehicle through the car wash to remove and dust, pollen, or general debris that accumulates through the season
  • Change oil back from the winter-suited variety 

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  • Wash your car once again now that the warmer months are complete
  • Inspect the coolant and brake fluid levels
  • Check the treads on your tires once again and rotate your tires if necessary
  • Make sure your HVAC system is working properly as the weather gets colder
  • Ensure your windshield wipers are able to work

Primary Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

All of the above are just samples of potential preventative maintenance tasks that a person could handle on their vehicle, but they are just the tip of the iceberg. Diving into the benefits of preventative maintenance on a vehicle can help a person better understand the importance of handling these tasks, and the following three benefits are the most prominent: 

Greater Vehicle Resale Value

When looking at how to calculate your vehicle’s diminished value, it’s pre-crash value is subtracted from its post-crash value. Therefore, ensuring your vehicle is in good condition through preventative maintenance can also help ensure that a person earns greater value for their totaled vehicle if they are in an accident or if they simply decide to sell their vehicle to someone else. 

Reduced Risk of Breakdowns

Naturally, one of the biggest benefits to preventative maintenance is the fact that it reduces the risk of a breakdown happening on the road. This can keep a person safe and also help to reduce their risk of injury while they are driving, which is important for anyone.

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However, it also helps keep your vehicle out of the repair shop which will help remove any potential frustrations a person may have to deal with otherwise. 

Money Saved Over Time

Finally, perhaps the biggest benefit of preventative maintenance is the fact that a person will save thousands of dollars by not needing to make major repairs on their vehicle. Whether it’s fixing something in the engine, transmission, or some other major part of the vehicle, repairs can be incredibly expensive. However, ensuring the parts that make up those major vehicle systems are in working order will reduce the risk of something serious happening to that system, thus saving a driver more money.

Keep your vehicle in strong condition today

Ensuring that your vehicle stays in good condition is easier said than done as it will require effort on behalf of the vehicle owner. However, by keeping your car in good condition you can experience the above tips and much more on top of it. Contact your nearest certified repair shop or dealership as soon as possible to see about getting your car in for servicing. 

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