7 Best Brake Pads For Nissan Altima (Top Reviews In 2023) For Supreme Braking

best brake pads for nissan altima

Are you the proud owner of a Nissan Altima and want to keep it in top condition? Then you must have the best brake pads for Nissan Altima to stop your vehicle abruptly. 

The Altima is known for its comfortable ride, spacious interior, and reliable performance. But it is also necessary to maintain your engine and braking system to avoid accidents.

Even the most acceptable brake pads for this SUV lose their performance over time and must be replaced with new ones. Unfortunately, many customers ignore this aspect and it ultimately leads to a damaged brake system. So brake pad replacement become one of the foremost tasks for every car owner 

Several brands on the market make brake pads for Altima, which can lead to confusion as to which one to buy. However, you should always choose the right one according to your vehicle needs and budget.

In this article, I present you with the best brake pads and rotors for Nissan Altima. They fit this truck perfectly and will serve you for many years. Go ahead and take a closer look!

Top Picks For Nissan Altima Brake Pads Replacement

Brake pads and discs for Nissan Altima are a crucial component of the vehicle’s braking system. It allows your vehicle to come to a complete stop when you press the brake pedal. You should replace the car’s brake pads when they are worn.

Finding the best brake pads for your vehicle is no easy task. Instead, it is a really difficult technique. However, we have prepared a list of the best on the market exclusively for you.

Whether you’re looking for an upgrade or just want to find out more about what’s on offer, read on to find out more about the 7 top picks for Nissan Altima brake pads replacement.

How much are brakes for nissan altima
1Our Pick
Bosch BC905 QuietCast Ceramic Disc Brake Pad
  • Brand: Bosch
  • Color: Grey
  • Size: Multiple
  • Advanced Ceramic Friction Formula
  • Protective transfer layer
Nissan Altima brake pads
Power Stop 17-905 Z17 Rear Ceramic Brake Pads
  • Brand: Power Stop
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Position: Rear
  • Vehicle Service Type: Passenger Car
  • Specification Met: OE
Nissan Altima brake pads and rotors replacement cost
Wagner Brake QuickStop ZD815 Brake Pad Set
  • Brand: Wagner
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Position: Front
  • Vehicle Service Type: Passenger Car
  • OE fit and form design

Things To Consider When Buying Nissan Altima Brake Pads

There are many different brake pads for Nissan Altima vehicles and the best one for you depends on your driving needs and budget. Some things to consider when choosing brake pads for your Nissan Altima are

– Types of Brake Pads

There are three major types of brake pads available in the market named Semi-metallic, non-asbestos organic, and ceramic materials. The first semimetal is the most common and is ideal for long-term stability and heat transfer.

On the other hand, non-asbestos organic material is known for its low noise level but wears out quickly. The third is ceramic, which allows the pads to withstand high pressure. However, we suggest that ceramic is the ideal choice as it has minimal dust buildup and is more durable.

– Performance Level

Brake pads are also available in different performance levels, from basic to high performance. Simple brake pads are suitable for everyday use and a good option for a small budget.

High-performance brake pads are designed for more aggressive driving and offer improved braking power and shorter stopping distances but can generate more noise and dust.

– Durability

We would never want to spend money on a brake pad that doesn’t last. Many people feel that product promotion is permanent because they have seen it, but this is not always the case.

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There are several examples of cheap and quality brake pads made available to customers, including by some well-known brands. But you should always go for a more durable brake pad that lasts long and give reliable performance. 

– Coating

The rotors and brake pad are connected to the wheel. Therefore it is important to have a good structure and a good coating.

As a result, galvanized rotors are often significantly more robust than uncoated versions. You will enjoy a coated rotor if you want to avoid rust and other corrosion problems.

– Compatibility

It is important to choose brake pads that are specifically designed for your Nissan Altima, as different models may have different brake systems and require different types of brake pads.

– Good Quality

It is important to choose brake pads with a good friction coefficient. This means that the brakes should not overheat during heavy braking. It is also important to ensure the pads are not too hard or soft, as this can also cause excessive wear on the rotors. 

7 Best Brake Pads And Rotors For Nissan Altima (Top Rated In 2023)

We all know how important brake pads are for SUVs like the Nissan Altima. It needs proper maintenance to function properly. Together with the brake caliper and brake rotor, they are the main components of disc brake systems for motor vehicles.

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When the brake pads rust and lose strength, it’s time to change. That is why we have put together an overview of the best ones on the market exclusively for you. Let’s see them one by one.

1. Bosch BC905 QuietCast Ceramic Disc Brake Pad

How much are brakes for nissan altima
  • Brand: Bosch
  • Color: Grey
  • Size: Multiple
  • Advanced Ceramic Friction Formula
  • Protective transfer layer
  • OE-style rubber core shim
  • Rubber core multilayer shim
  • Provides increased strength against noise
  • Protective transfer layer
  • Powder-coated backing plate
  • Prevents rust and corrosion

This brake pad has been developed to offer excellent braking performance and to reduce the accumulation of brake dust on the wheels. It consists of a high-performance ceramic friction material that gives the driver good braking comfort and a reliable, comfortable driving experience.

The pad also has heat-resistant backing plates that keep it cool in extreme temperatures so you don’t have to worry about overheating your brakes. In addition, the specially designed ear pad shape helps reduce noise, so you can enjoy a quiet and comfortable ride every time 

With the ceramic disc brake pads BC905 from Bosch, you can be sure of top-class performance and reliable braking for your Nissan Altima. And if you’re looking for longer life, you won’t be disappointed.

These pads have been known to last up to 40% longer than other pads on the market today. They are also equipped with advanced wear sensors to detect signs of wear or tear to avoid costly repairs or damage from too much pressure or heat.

Plus, these pads offer a low-dust formula, which means you end up with less dirt on your rims or on the outside of your car.


  • Made with a high-performance material
  • Deliver great stopping power
  • Powder-coated backing plate
  • Prevents rust and corrosion
  • Helps reduce noise
  • Long-lasting


  • Some report it generates noise

2. Power Stop 17-905 Z17 Rear Ceramic Brake Pads

Nissan Altima brake pads
  • Brand: Power Stop
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Position: Rear
  • Vehicle Service Type: Passenger Car
  • Specification Met: OE
  • Chamfered & Slotted
  • Dual-Layered Rubberized Shims
  • Premium Hardware
  • Ensure noise-free braking
  • Feature dual-layer rubberized shims

If you are looking for a reliable brake pad for your Nissan Altima, Power Stop 17-905 Brake Pads are a good choice. Specially designed for Nissan Altimas, this brake pad offers excellent performance and durability.

It’s made from a ceramic compound that offers quiet braking, especially at high speeds. This brake pad has an advanced friction formulation that improves braking performance in both wet and dry conditions.

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Additionally, the ceramic formulation reduces dust formation and helps extend rotor life. Brake pads feature noise-reducing washers to eliminate squeals and vibration. They also come with stainless steel hardware for easy installation.

Power Stop Ceramic Brake Pads are an excellent choice for anyone looking for reliable, high-performance brakes for their Nissan Altima. With high-quality material, reduced noise, and long rotor life, these pickups offer excellent value for money.


  • Easy to put on
  • Provides excellent performance
  • Reduces dust buildup
  • Value for money
  • Extends the life of the rotor


  • From starting it squeaked a little bit

3. Detroit Axle Complete Set Ceramic Brake Pads

Best brake pads and rotors for nissan altima
  • Brand: Detroit Axle
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Position: Rear, Front
  • Specification Met: OE
  • Fits: Specific Models
  • 4x Front & Rear Brake Pads
  • Installation Hardware Included
  • Offers smooth quiet stopping
  • 6-Month Warranty

Detroit Axle ceramic front and rear brake pads are among the best on the market and provide excellent stopping power for the Altima. They offer noise reduction and dust-free operation, so you don’t have to worry about your brakes making too much noise or creating too much dust.

The ceramic material also helps reduce heat build-up, which prevents the brakes from overheating with prolonged use. These brake pads are built to last and provide excellent performance for many years to come.

They even come with a 6-month warranty, so you can be sure you’re getting quality parts at an affordable price. Another great feature is their low-dust design, meaning they keep your wheels clean and free of dirt build-up.

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In addition, these pads are specifically designed for vehicles like the Nissan Altima, so they fit perfectly and perform as expected. Plus, the low-vibration design helps minimize vibration and noise when braking, giving you a smooth and comfortable ride every time.

All in all, if you want reliable braking performance in your Nissan Altima, these Detroit Axle Ceramic Brake Pads are a great choice.


  • Deliver noise reduction and dust-free operation
  • Reduce heat buildup
  • Low-dust design
  • Offers smooth quiet stopping
  • 6-Month Warranty


  • The rear brake pad has fitting issues with some Altima models

4. SCITOO 8pcs Brakes Pads Kit (2013-17 Nissan Altima)

Nissan Altima brake pads replacement
  • Brand: SCITOO
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Position: Unknown
  • Vehicle Service Type: 2013-2017 for Nissan Altima
  • Specification Met: OEM
  • 8pcs thermoQuiet brake pads
  • Ceramic Low Dust Formula
  • Reduce Wear And Scratches
  • Help to lower break-in time
  • Superior Fade-Free Braking Power

When it comes to choosing the top-rated brake pads for your Nissan Altima, SCITOO ceramic brake pad kits are an excellent choice. These pads offer a wide range of features that make them perfect for use with your vehicle.

Firstly, these brake pad sets have a very low dust generation, which keeps your wheels and brakes clean during use. Ceramic pads also offer quiet braking and excellent noise dampening, making them ideal for any Nissan Altima.

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Plus, the pads are fade resistant and can last up to 50% longer than other types of pads. The installation process for this brake pad is easy as the pads come pre-assembled and ready to install.

Additionally, the kits come with all the necessary hardware for a complete installation. They offer low dusting and exceptional noise attenuation while being fade-resistant. In addition, its installation process is simple and does not require special tools or additional parts.


  • Deliver excellent braking performance
  • Ideal for any Nissan Altima
  • Reduces wear and scratches
  • Help to lower break-in time
  • Exceptional noise dampening
  • Comes with the necessary hardware 


  • Makes a noise against the metal

5. Bendix Premium CFC1650 Ceramic Brake Pad

Best brake pads for nissan altima
  • Brand: Bendix Premium Copper Free
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Position: Front
  • 100% Copper-Free
  • OE designed a 4-layer shim
  • Includes Hardware
  • Meets the performance of OE
  • Shoes are precision machined
  • Offer outstanding performance and durability
  • Deliver a smooth and quiet braking experience

Developed using advanced ceramic friction technology, this brake pad is designed to provide excellent braking performance for your Nissan Altima. It also has a low-dust formula that helps reduce brake dust buildup on the wheels and keeps them clean.

The CFC1650 also comes with an OE Shimmed Pad design to ensure optimal fit and performance. This brake pad resists corrosion and provides a smoother, quieter ride. It is also equipped with a heat-dissipating backplate that extends the life of the brake.

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But don’t forget the rotors – they are just as important when it comes to maintaining smooth and effective braking performance. In addition, they feature cross-drilled holes and slots that promote better cooling in tough braking applications.

Not only do they help reduce noise, vibration, and harshness, but they also improve wet braking performance. When purchasing brake components, be sure to consider both pads and discs to get the maximum braking performance from your Nissan Altima.


  • OE-shimmed pad design
  • Offer outstanding durability
  • Ensure optimal fit
  • Provide quiet braking experience
  • Comes with hardware


  • The material compound is soft

6. Wagner Brake QuickStop ZD815 Brake Pad Set

Nissan Altima brake pads and rotors replacement cost
  • Brand: Wagner
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Position: Front
  • Vehicle Service Type: Passenger Car
  • OE fit and form design
  • Reduces noise-causing vibration
  • Asbestos-free material
  • Comes with stain-steel hardware
  • OE-style lubricant Included

The Wagner Brake QuickStop ZD815 Brake Pad Set is a durable brake pad set for your Nissan Altima. Made with high-quality materials, these brake pads offer stability and durability.

QuickStop pads are made from a semi-metallic material that helps reduce noise, dust, and brake fade while providing increased stopping power. These pads also feature ceramic technology that improves durability and thermal stability.

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The Wagner brake pad offers consistent performance and excellent value for money. They can be installed easily and without special tools. Plus, the included hardware makes the installation process even easier.

Because the pads are pre-coated with an anti-corrosion coating, they won’t rust or corrode over time, further extending their life. As a bonus, they even have electronic wear sensors that will alert you when your brakes need to be replaced.


  • Deliver superior stopping power
  • Enhances durability and stability
  • Anti-corrosive coating
  • Perfect fit
  • OE-style lubricant included


  • Difficult to install
  • Generates noise when braking

7. LEXLEY 2PCS Anti-Slip Brake Gas Pedal Pads

How much are brakes for nissan altima
  • Brand: LEXLEY
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Position: Front
  • Vehicle Service Type: Passenger Car
  • 2019-22 Nissan Altima Compatible
  • Non-Slip Design
  • Easy Installation
  • Enhance driving experience
  • Sturdy and great design
  • Anti-Slip and Wear Resistance

LEXLEY 2PCS Anti-Skid Brake Pads are made of durable material that is wear-resistant and tear-resistant, making them perfect for everyday use. The upholstery is also available in a wide range of colors and patterns, allowing you to match the upholstery to your car’s interior.

The simple installation process makes them a great choice for those looking to upgrade their brakes quickly and easily. They also come with a lifetime guarantee, so you can be confident in their performance and longevity.

They also feature a unique grooved and beveled design that helps keep heat away from the rotor surface and reduces discoloration at high temperatures. They’re also quieter than traditional rotors, so you don’t have to worry about loud brake noise when braking or stopping.

Finally, these rotors also have a long service life, so you can be sure that they will perform well for years.


  • Wide range of designs and colors
  • Enhance driving experience
  • Sturdy and great design
  • Anti-Slip and wear resistance
  • Easy to install


  • The size is small

Top FAQs About Nissan Altima Rear Brake Pads Replacement

What is the best brake pad for Nissan Altima?

There are many options for the Nissan Altima. But our top recommendation is the Bosch BC905 QuietCast ceramic disc brake pad for you. These pads are made from a ceramic material known for their ability to deliver consistent and reliable braking performance even at high speeds.

The ceramic material is also heat and wear-resistant, so these pads can be a good choice for riders who ride a lot or often ride in rough conditions. One of the key features of this ceramic disc brake pad is its noise-reducing design.

These pads are designed to minimize brake noise, making them a good choice for drivers who are concerned about brake noise. The ear cushions also feature multi-layer wedges and a noise-isolating rubber backing that help reduce vibration and noise.

Are Nissan OEM brake pads good?

Nissan OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) brake pads are brake pads made by the same company that made the original brakes for your Nissan vehicle.

These brake pads are specifically designed to fit. And they work properly on your vehicle and are often considered a good choice for drivers looking for quality brake pads.

Are metallic or ceramic brake pads better?

The choice between metallic and ceramic brake pads depends on your specific riding needs and preferences. If you drive performance-oriented and prioritize braking performance, consider ceramic brake pads.

If you drive a lot or often ride in rough conditions, you should consider metallic brake pads for their durability.

Which brake pads stop the vehicle fastest?

In general, brake pads made of ceramic or metallic materials offer the best braking performance, especially at high speeds. These materials are capable of withstanding high temperatures and wear, providing consistent and reliable braking performance.

It is important to note that a vehicle’s braking performance is not solely determined by the type of brake pads used. Other factors such as the condition of the brake discs, the type of brake fluid used, and the general condition of the brake system can also affect brake performance.

How long do Nissan brake pads last?

The brakes on a Nissan vehicle should last for several years and tens of thousands of miles depending on how the vehicle is used. Brake pads are a common wearing part on a vehicle and will usually need to be replaced at some point.

The front brake pads on a Nissan can last anywhere from 30,000 to 70,000 miles, while the rear brake pads can last up to twice as long. However, these are only rough estimates and actual brake pad life will depend on how the vehicle is driven and how well the brakes are maintained.

How much are the brakes for Nissan Altima?

The cost of brake pads for a Nissan Altima depends on the type of brake pads you choose and the specific model of your vehicle. On average, you can expect to pay $50-$150 for a set of front brake pads and $30-$100 for a set of rear brake pads.

These prices are only rough estimates and actual costs may be higher or lower depending on the specific components you need and where you are doing the work.

Final Thought

When looking for the best brake pads and discs for your Nissan Altima, you should consider both performance and safety. You want to make sure you are getting the best quality product that will last and provide optimal stopping power.

The brake pads and discs for your vehicle should be made of high-quality materials, fit perfectly, and offer excellent braking performance.

When purchasing these parts, always remember that you get what you pay for. So don’t be afraid to invest a little more in your vehicle if it means getting better quality parts.


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