Top 29 Cars That Start With I – Current Car Brands That Start With I

Cars That Start With I

There are hundreds of car names, from very popular brands to small and missing ones. It’s not easy to remember them all. So we are solving it by going to discuss cars that start with I.

Even those who work in the automotive industry do not know all brands, not to mention their history, specialization, and model range. 

Knowing every brand or car gives you the option to choose from a range of vehicles when it comes to buying a new or used car in the future for you. Also, according to your budget and needs, you easily select any vehicle. 

This article contains a list of car brands beginning with the letter I from all corners of the world. In Locar Deals, our auto expert compiles the list of cars that are not only the most popular and well-known brands but also the lesser-known ones.

Top 29 Cars That Start With I

We already discussed below all car brands that start with I. In the following list, you will get the top 29 cars that start with the letter I.

  • Hyundai – i20, i30, i40, i45, iLoad, iMax
  • BMW – I3, I8
  • Volkswagen – ID.3, ID.4
  • Seat – Ibiza
  • Citroen – ID
  • Volkswagen – ID.4
  • Suzuki – Ignis
  • Hillman – IMP
  • Chevrolet – Impala
  • Subaru – Impreza
  • Maserati – Indy
  • Nissan – Infiniti
  • Honda – Insight
  • Holden – Insignia
  • Lexus – IS, IS F, IS200, IS200T, IS250 , IS250C , IS300, IS300H, and IS350

If you check the post, you are sure to find lots of names that you have never heard of in Car Names. In this article firstly we discuss all the car brands that start with I and then all cars that start with the letter I.

List Of Car Brands That Starts With The Letter I

After Researching a lot of car brand names, Our car specialist collects the top 13 car brands that start with the letter I. In the list, We are covering all the old manufacturers to new automobile market players.

Some new car brands are making a good presence in the market. Here we choose the top car brands for you that make you familiar with all top brands.

As you see the top car brands that start with I. Now we are going through it all by providing all the details regarding car brands like when they start working with their popular car makers and some of their unique specifications.

So no further delay, let’s begin.

1. Infiniti (1989-Present)

  • Founded: 1989
  • Headquarters: Yokohama, Japan
  • Parent: Nissan
  • Owner: Nissan
  • Official Site: Infiniti

Infiniti comes 1st on the list of cars that start with I. It is the luxury vehicle of the Japanese automaker, Nissan. Infiniti officially began selling vehicles in North America on November 8, 1989.

Infiniti began producing vehicles outside of Japan with its QX60 (formerly known as JX35) crossover. The Infiniti brand was introduced in the United States in 1989, targeting the premium vehicle segments in the United States.

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At the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, Infiniti unveiled a new powertrain for Europe with the new V9X engine developed by the Renault-Nissan Alliance. The new engine is used in Infiniti FX, Infiniti EX, and the new Infiniti M. 

The new Infiniti M made its European premiere at the show, a move in which Infiniti would launch an aggressive strategy to expand the Infiniti brand into new premium segments.

2. Isuzu (1916-Present)

  • Founded: 1916
  • Headquarters: Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan
  • Parent: Isuzu Motors Limited
  • Owner: Isuzu Motors Limited
  • Official Site: Isuzu

The Isuzu car is ranked 2nd on the list of cars that begin with I. Isuzu is a Japanese car brand and diesel engine manufacturing company headquartered in Tokyo. In 1981 Isuzu began selling consumer and commercial vehicles under their brand in the United States. 

In 1985 Isuzu and GM established the IBC Vehicles venture in the United Kingdom, producing locally built versions of Isuzu and Suzuki light vans. 

In March 2023, Isuzu, Hino, and Hino’s parent Toyota announced the creation of a strategic partnership between the three companies.

3. International Harvester (1902-1985)

  • Founded: 1902
  • Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
  • Parent: CNH Industrial America LLC
  • Owner: CNH Industrial America LLC
  • Defunct: 1985

The International Harvester Company was an American manufacturer of agricultural equipment and automobiles. IH is often referred to as the manufacturer of relatively successful and innovative “lighter” vehicle lines that go toe-to-toe against the Big Three. 

IH manufactured light trucks from 1907 to 1975, beginning with the Model A Auto Wagon. One of the company’s light vehicles was the Travelall, which was conceptually similar to the Chevrolet Suburban. 

The Travelette was a crew cab that was available with two or four-wheel drive. The Scout, first introduced in 1961, is a small, two-door SUV, similar to a jeep. In 1972 the Scout became the Scout II and in 1974 the Dana 44 axes.

4. Iveco (1975-Present)

  • Founded: 1975
  • Headquarter: Turin, Piedmont, Italy
  • Parent: CNH Industrial
  • Owner: CNH Industrial
  • Official Site: Iveco

IVECO car brand begins with I & is an Italian manufacturer of transport vehicles based in Turin, founded in 1975. Iveco’s commercial and industrial vehicle division produces a range of heavy, medium, and light transport vehicles for urban, rural, and off-road use. 

Its comprehensive range offers tailor-made transport solutions for different goods. In 2003 IVECO bought Irisbus completely, which was originally part of a joint venture with Renault.

5. IKCO (1962-Present)

  • Founded: 1962
  • Headquarter: Tehran, Iran
  • Parent: Iran Khodro
  • Owner: Iran Khodro
  • Official Site: IKCO

Iran Khodro, under the IKCO brand, is an Iranian car manufacturer based in Tehran. For more than three decades, Iran Khodro produced the Paykan, a car developed by the Rootes.

The Rootes Group, Also well known as the Hillman Hunter. In addition, IKCO manufactures E-Class trucks, buses, and cars licensed by Mercedes-Benz. In a joint venture with Daimler AG. 

IKCO cooperates with Suzuki among Asian car manufacturers. IKCO produces the Suzuki Grand Vitara at IKCO’s Khorasan location and produces the Suzuki Kizashi.

6. Innocenti (1947-1997)

  • Founded: 1947
  • Headquarter: New Westminster, Canada
  • Parent: Ferdinando Innocenti
  • Owner: Fiat
  • Defunct: 1997

Innocenti was an Italian car company originally founded by Ferdinando Innocenti in 1947, which over the years produced Lambretta scooters and a range of cars, mostly from British Leyland. 

The brand was retired in 1996, six years after it was acquired by Fiat. The Innocenti Spyder (1961-70) was a restructured version of the Austin-Healey MKII Sprite. 

The car was manufactured by OSI near Milan. In 1972 classic cars start with I (Innocenti) took over the company BLMC. In addition to manufacturing its cars, Innocenti uses its factory capacities to manufacture car bodies. And the final assembly of the Maserati Biturbo.

7. Intermeccanica (1959-Present)

  • Founded: 1959
  • Headquarter: New Westminster, Canada
  • Parent: Frank Reisner
  • Owner: Frank Reisner
  • Official Site: Intermeccanica

Intermeccanica is an automobile manufacturer founded in Turin, Italy in 1959. Between 1961 and 1963, Intermeccanica developed the Apollo GT body for International Motor Cars, a company based in Oakland, California. 

Intermeccanica assembled several replicas of SS Jaguars for an American customer. They were fiberglass replicas called squires. 

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In 1975 Ford Motor-Indra built two prototypes, one of which was delivered to the US with all the equipment for Indra’s construction in the US. In 1985, 

8. Isdera (1982-Present)

  • Founded: 1982
  • Headquarters: Saarwellingen, Germany
  • Parent: Isdera AG
  • Owner: Isdera AG
  • Official Site: ISDERA

The Isdera’s first car, the Spyder 033, was introduced in 1982. Some other vehicles in the company’s history are the 1984 Isdera Imperator 108i, the 1985 Spyder 033-16, and the 1987 Spyder 036i.

Each model was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland.

In 2006, Isdera introduced the AK116i autobahn courier, a controversially styled vehicle powered by two Mercedes-Benz V8 engines, one per axle, of the W126 500 SE series, reminiscent of a 1930s passenger car.

9. ISO (1938-1974)

  • Founded: 1938
  • Headquarters: Bresso, Italy
  • Parent: ISO Rivolta
  • Owner: ISO Rivolta
  • Defunct: 1974

Iso Rivolta is an Italian car and motorcycle manufacturer working in the automotive sector since 1938. In the early 1950s, Renzo Rivolta developed the concept of a car that was halfway between the car and the motorcycle to fill the gap between the classic motorcycle.

And the cheapest Italian car of its time, the Fiat Topolino. The actual transition to automobile production took place in 1962 with the public introduction of the 300, a luxury coupe designed by Bertone.

10. Imperial

  • Founded: 1955
  • Headquarters: Detroit, United States
  • Parent: Chrysler Imperial
  • Owner: Chrysler
  • Defunct: 1983

Since 1926, the word “Imperial” has been used to describe Chrysler’s luxury. But starting in 1955, the business went a step further and established the Imperial Division of Chrysler Corporation as a distinct brand.

Imperial represented Chrysler’s most opulent automobiles, much like Cadillac for GM and later Continental for Ford. This sedan, the 8-passenger Crown Imperial sedan, a saloon, and the ‘Newport’ two-door hardtop were all available in 1955.

This Imperial has largely original components. It is propelled by a 331 cubic inch “Hemi” engine that was installed at the factory and has never been repaired. Imperial stopped operating in 1983.

11. Invicta

  • Founded: 1923
  • Headquarters: Cobham, Surrey, England
  • Parent: Invicta 
  • Owner: Noel Macklin
  • Defunct: 1983

Invicta is a British automobile brand that begins with Letter I and has been around since the early 20th century. The brand pioneered engine technology and is a popular choice among many car enthusiasts.

All Invicta vehicles are based on specific technologies developed by the brand’s experienced engineers. This makes them incredibly fast and agile and sets them apart from cars from other automakers.

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Another special feature is the expressive visual identity. Invicta cars have been used in various racing championships. The brand regularly competes in the British Touring Car Championship and also took part in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

12. IVM

  • Founded: 2007
  • Headquarters: Umudim, Nnewi
  • Parent: IVM 
  • Owner: Innocent Chukwuma Nwala
  • Website: IVM

Innosson Vehicles Manufacturing is a Nigerian company founded in 2007. They mainly assemble cars from Chinese and Japanese manufacturers for local customers. These include crossovers, passenger cars, and some scooters.

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Its most popular model is the Innoson IVM G12, a luxury SUV designed for the local market. On May 20, 2022, Innoson presented his first “Keke”. Kekes are three-wheeled motor vehicles and are the main mode of transportation in Nigeria.

13. Ioniq

  • Founded: 2020
  • Headquarters: Seoul, South Korea
  • Parent: Hyundai
  • Owner: Hyundai Motor Company
  • Defunct: Ioniq

Hyundai launched a new brand called Ioniq in 2020, dedicated to manufacturing electric vehicles for its international markets. The project resulted in a vehicle called Ioniq by Hyundai in 2016.

According to Hyundai, it will be the world’s first option to offer three electrified powertrain options. Hyundai plans to launch three models in 2024: the IONIQ 5 crossover, the IONIQ 6 mid-size sedan, and the IONIQ 7 large SUV.

The new Ioniq brand is part of the company’s goal of selling 1 million battery electric units. Vehicles by 2025. Hyundai is aiming for a share of at least 10 percent in the global electric vehicle market.

What cars are starting with the letter I?

IS200, IS200T, IS250, and IS250C are expensive cars that start with the letter I.

What car brand’s name starts with the letter I?

Some of the car brands starting with I are Iveco, IKCO, ISO and Isuzu.

What company makes the Infiniti car?

Infinity is the high-end subsidiary of Nissan and so of the Alliance Renault Nissan Mitsubishi.

6 Names of cars that start with i?

I45, Impala, Indy, Infiniti, I20 and I30 are the 6 car names that start with I.

Car manufacturers, that start with the letter i?

Car manufacturers that start with the letter I are Intermeccanica, IKCO, and ISO.

What kind of car starts with an I?

Many types of cars that start with I like sports cars, compact cars, Electric cars and luxury cars.

What is the Iveco car brand specialized in?

Iveco is an Italian industrial vehicle manufacturing company that produces a wide range of commercial vehicles, including trucks, buses, and vans. They are a part of the CNH Industrial Group.

What is Infiniti known for?

Infiniti is a luxury automobile brand owned by Nissan. It is known for producing a range of upscale vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, and crossovers.

Infiniti focuses on providing a blend of performance, design, and technology.

Final Thought

After reading this article you are now familiar with all types of cars that start with I. In this list, our car experts cover almost every famous brand of car that makes your search for information complete. And saves your precious time. If any famous brands are left, pls tell me in the comments.

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