9 Best Security And Safety Accessories For Your Car

best security and safety Accessories for your car

When you own a car feeling safe is paramount and for this to be assured the security of the car is also as important. Car developers have come up with several accessories to help drivers feel shielded from the dangers on the road.

Better safe than sorry is a saying that all car owners can adopt because when you run into car trouble, accidents, or simply a jam, it is best to be prepared accordingly. This piece will outline some of the car accessories you can install in your new car.

1. Emergency Kit

This is a must-have addition to your vehicle, there is just no other alternative. An emergency kit contains some essential aids that come in handy when you are in an accident, when you are stuck somewhere unfamiliar or have a minor medical urgency.

The kit consists of; 

  • Water and some food that will not expire fast.
  • First aid kit; with some medicine, bandages, gauze rolls, and more
  • A whistle, flashlight, road map, and a blanket
  • Fire extinguishers, spare tires, tripod jack, and extra battery.
  • Tire inflator
  • Tow rope

These essentials are easy to use and maintain; do a routine check of their state every six months to ensure they are working as required.

When stocking up on this kit it is best to consider the quality, durability, and efficiency of all of them. Be sure to fully understand how to utilize those items before leaving the store with them, this is to avoid any confusion when you need to be focused on getting yourself out of a sticky situation. So before you embark on that trip be sure to check your kit if it is intact and fully stocked with all you might require.

2. Fog Lights

There are some things we have no control over while driving, one of them is the weather. As unpredictable as it is, preparing for the condition keeps you several steps ahead. Fog lamps also known as fog lights are made specifically to help drivers navigate through the fog swiftly and clearly; in other words, they help them see the roads better and not bump into other motorists along the way.

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It is also required to have a substantial stopping distance during foggy weather. Foggy weather can easily cause accidents involving multiple vehicles which is why installing fog lights is important.

How They Work?

The controls of the fog lights are added to the steering wheel stalk or a button on the dashboard of your car depending on the model making it easy to access while driving. Consult with your car dealer in case you don’t know where the lights are located and how to use them. 

There are frontal and rear fog lights and there are specific conditions that allow the use of fog lights, they include;

  • The dipped headlights have to be on first before using the fog lights
  • Turn on the fog lights only when your sight path is less than one hundred meters.
  • Be mindful of other drivers who are not using fog lights 
  • They should only be used when there is heavy mist or fog because they are very bright and can easily cause an accident as the light might distract other drivers.
  • Drive using a reasonable speed as long as it is foggy.

Front fog lights mostly emit yellow or white lights while the rear lights are red because they help other drivers know when you have stopped or to show your position during the foggy weather.

Overall every car has a user manual that can provide some guidance on how to operate the fog lamps. From the steering wheel stalk, it is easy enough when you understand the icons indicated. As for the button on the dashboard, it is as easy as turning on and off house lights.

3. Traction Tracks

Sometimes the terrain a driver goes through is not friendly, the roads slow your journey down, and in other instances, they turn dangerous. These can help car owners when they are stuck on muddy roads, on sand, during snowy weather, or on ice. They are made from strong, heavy-duty, and durable plastic. 

Traction tracks also known as recovery boards are a must-have for a motorist who is constantly on rough terrain (off-roader). They have an easy installation method where they are attached in front or behind the tires after which you pull the car on top of the traction tracks and drive off.

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What to consider when buying?

  • Material; This greatly affects the recovery board’s efficiency and durability.
  • Lugs or Cleats; These provide a strong grip on the car’s tires to survive even worse weather conditions.
  • Models; Not all traction tracks are favorable in the long run, so it is best to research and find a company that sells quality traction tracks before purchasing some.

Having this in your car is a precaution plus there is some comfort in knowing there is something to help you out if you run into a problem, this will also save you the trouble of scraping your paint job trying to get your car out of a jam.

4. Dash Camera

These are small gadgets that are placed strategically for different purposes, some to record the interior of the car and others to record the road as they drive. They may seem insignificant but once you have them installed you will understand just how important they are. Dash cams provide some security for your car at all times whether it’s on the road or just parked somewhere. 

A dash camera also provides you with features like parking mode and smart detection which come in handy when protecting your vehicle. In case you find your car vandalized you will know exactly what happened and where to start investigating. They provide evidence for traffic officers, and insurance companies and in terms of security you can get notifications of emergencies in real-time.

How Do They Work?

The installation is easy because dashcams get their power through a connection that is hardwired to the fuse box. As long as your vehicle is running you will receive all the recorded footage. In case of an accident or a run-in with a rowdy driver, you will have video evidence of what happened.

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The videos are automatically backed up to the cloud of your device or an application connected to it giving you access to them at any time, You get the bonus of documenting memories dear to you in your everyday activities.

5. Mobile Phone Signal Booster

The mobile signal booster kit is an essential gadget a car should have in the event you have driven into an area without cell service. In some cases, you are sent to work in a place that is off-grid and you find yourself without a cell signal with no way of sending updates to your superiors and family. This is a rare situation but it is better to prepare for anything when you are a motorist. 

Its installation is easy and requires little work to operate, the main function of this gadget is to extend your service connection range. Other features include; activating faster hotspots, providing a reliable internet connection, and keeping you online at all times

When shopping for a mobile phone signal booster

  • Check its network speeds, 4G or 5G.
  • Make sure it connects to as many wireless carriers as possible
  • Always ensure it is reliable and works efficiently.
  • Shop from the best manufacturers who provide flexible maintenance deals

It is imperative to stay connected when traveling whether it is a short drive or a long road trip so that you can update your loved ones on your whereabouts and also to get help when needed.

6. Tire Pressure Gauge

A car is like a baby to most drivers, it requires extra attention on all its parts including tires. Regular tire checks can be time-consuming and inaccurate whereas when you have a pressure gauge somewhere in the car you will be able to save yourself needless trips to the auto shop.

This gadget helps to accurately measure the tire pressure of any vehicle operating on tires. Before driving to your destination checking your tire pressure is one of the things you have to do. 

A driver needs to know if the tires are overinflated, underinflated, or full enough. However to achieve this with precision you have to use a gauge that shows unit measurements.

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The pressure gauge provides its readings in digital and standard forms, making it easy to understand. This car accessory is important because simply put a car cannot safely move without well-pressured tires. It is a necessity for any everyday driver.

7. Car Battery Booster

So your car battery dies on you in the middle of nowhere, and you have two options; wait around to pass by and be kind enough to help or spare the battery in your trunk. Either way, if any fails, you are stranded. This is where a battery booster is very useful when you have one of these somewhere in the car that problem will be non-existent.

A battery booster works within minutes and you are on your way, this is very convenient, reliable, and efficient.

Apart from giving your car battery a boost, this gadget has a USB port where you can charge your devices.

8. Seatbelt Cutter And Car Window Breaker

There are many instances where a seatbelt cutter and a window breaker are needed. People lock car keys inside the car, misplace them, or even during an accident and you need to get the doors open immediately. 

Seatbelts get jammed sometimes, especially after an accident as well. Having this accessory in the car can help first responders to the scene shorten the time they would have spent trying to get the victims out. Plus it gives you some comfort knowing that you can get yourself out of trouble.

Sometimes the car battery dies then all the car functions powered by it stop functioning. For example, car windows stop opening and the car doors automatically lock you inside without air. A car window breaker will save you the trouble of calling the emergency numbers for such a minor problem.

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9. Blindspot Mirror

A car blind spot is the parts of your car that cannot be seen using the regular side mirrors. This is inconvenient for drivers because they will need to move twice as much to cover those areas. Especially when switching lanes, reversing, and parking. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have any blind spots when driving?

A blindspot mirror gives a driver an all-around view of the road without looking over their shoulder. This can help you avoid any kind of accidents when you want to change lanes, and they also keep you in the know about pedestrians, cyclists, and other movements on the side of the road.


It is recommended that blindspot mirrors are better placed on the outermost top corner of the side mirrors so that there is no obstruction in the original view and strategically placed to see the blind spots.

These are some types of blindspot mirrors namely;

  • Window mounted; These are unique as they are not attached to the side mirrors, instead, they are placed on the windows using suction cups.
  • Clip-on mirrors; These are similar to stick-on mirrors with a difference in clips
  • Rearview mirror; This one is installed inside the car, giving the driver a clear view of the road beside them.
  • Stick on mirrors; as the name suggests these are stuck on the top corner of the side mirror.

Wrap Up

You can never be fully safe in today’s world but you can ensure you take extra precautions to reduce the risk of finding yourself in sticky situations. Like the tech industry cars are being improved, fitted with all kinds of new gadgets and accessories that are aimed at making life less stressful. So when it comes to cars and accessories, the world is our oyster; endless possibilities. We have established that security and safety for you and your car are paramount so don’t compromise.

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