8 Car Maintenance Tips Every Car Owner Should Know

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car maintenance tips

Whether you are a new car owner or have been driving for years, you must learn to maintain your vehicle. Car owners should be aware of certain car maintenance tips as they will keep your car in good shape and last longer.

Many people fail to understand the importance of taking care of your vehicle. Even though they get it serviced every 4,000 or 5,000 miles, they miss out on certain things that lead to major repairs that can put a dent in your wallet. However, if you are looking for car parts online, check out Partsavatar.

You will always benefit from regular maintenance of your car as it enables your vehicle to run smoothly and lesser performance issues. Remember learning these basic tips will not only help you now in the present but something that will stay with you until you’re old and pass on to your children.

8 Easy Car Maintenance Tips

There are several ways you can keep your car in check so in this article we will explore 8 basic and essential maintenance tips that will allow you to enjoy your four-wheeler without any problems.

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1. Read Vehicle Manual

One of the first that you should do when you buy a new car is read the user manual. This manual will have everything you need to know about the car from showcasing features, how-to guides, driving aid, specifications, fuel information, and basic maintenance tips that you should follow.

Keeping your manual handy will help you in difficult times and if you lose your hard copy, you can always look it up online on the manufacturer’s official site. So if you learn things about your car in detail, you should consider reading the manual thoroughly.

2. Check Tire Pressure

Whether you are heading for a long drive or a short trip, if your tire is not up to the mark, you will face trouble while driving. A great way to check the health of your tire is by checking tire pressure, rotation, tread, alignment, and balance. Worn-out tires are extremely risky as they can lead to a dangerous accident.

There are certain things that you can do to ensure the tire is in good shape, however, getting them checked by a professional can protect you from major repairs. Flat tires are very common so before you get into your vehicle, always check your tires for any discrepancies.

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3. Change Oil

One of the most important car maintenance tips is to regularly change the oil of the vehicle. Remember your car is a complex machine that is equipped with a variety of parts that are constantly moving. Engine oil is a lubricant that allows these parts to move smoothly without generating too much heat.

Every car requires an oil change after a certain amount of distance traveled, these vary between brands and makes. A simple step to ensure your car is running efficiently is by checking your oil each month and disposing of the old oil when needed. Choosing the right quality oil can be crucial in keeping your engine healthy and better.

4. Check Battery

Another important maintenance tip of your car is to understand the basics of a car battery. A dead battery is the worst thing that can happen to you as it will leave you stranded anywhere. Most people do not inspect their battery which is risky as it can lead to accidents.

Every driver must be aware of the location of the battery and how to clean certain parts of the battery. Regularly checking up on your battery will protect it from corrosion and will ensure that it will function properly. If you notice a battery change, get it checked immediately.

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5. Keep Check on Your Brakes

The brakes are one of the most crucial components of your car and you should always keep a check on them. There are several reasons why you should maintain your brakes well, but mainly it is responsible for keeping you safe on the road. The two things that every driver should do are check the brake pads and brake fluid of your car.

The brake pads often wear down and lose their thickness, that’s why they must be replaced. The brake fluid helps in the mechanism of the brake system so if you have not changed this fluid. Check the color of the fluid, if it is dark you should change it as soon as possible. Here are some tips that can help you bleed your brakes easily.

6. Replace Air Filter

The air filter is responsible for keeping your engine clean from debris and other pollutants. As you continue to drive, the dirt particles get accumulated in the air filter which reduces the efficiency of the engine and the car. It is strongly advised to make sure you check or replace your air filter at least once a year.

Similarly, changing your air filter will also ensure your AC unit runs smoothly. If you are residing in a climate that is dusty or has poor air quality, a regular air filter check can work great for you.

easy car maintenance tips

7. Belts and Hoses

Now you may not have to change the air hoes or belts of your engine, but ensuring that they are in good condition is important. Failure to notice the wear and tear of the belts and hoses can lead to a breakdown on the road that is not a quick fix.

If the belt happens to break or tear apart at the wrong time, it can even damage your engine. Keep in mind that these belts can last up to 3-4 years but getting them checked now and then will help you keep your engine in a good condition longer.

8. Check Spark Plug

The last point on this list is to ensure that you keep a tab on your spark plug. It is probably one of the most common reasons why an engine won’t start and it is very easy to fix. You don’t need to have a degree in mechanics to switch a spark plug or to ensure it is in a good condition.

If you have a faulty spark plug, your engine will have to work harder for it to run, however, it can crash or burn out anytime, anywhere. Whenever you take your car for a maintenance check, ensure that your spark plug is inspected. This will ensure that your engine will run smoothly without any major trouble.


These are just some of the tips that every car owner should know as they will help you stay safe. If you are unsure of any of these maintenance steps, feel free to speak to a local mechanic who can help you inspect the different aspects of your car.

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