11 Top Car Brands That Start With Letter C- A Complete Guide

cars that start with c

If you are searching for your next automobile but want nothing but cars that start with c, we are here to help. Automobiles have become an integral part of human life. As we are growing as a race, automobiles are growing with us.

With vehicles becoming a necessity in today’s times, constant enhancements are taking place. Whether you go for European or Japanese car brands, they all strive to provide the best to their customers.

Wanting to own a car with a specific initial is not an alien concept. It is a trend that has never gone out of style. So, if you are looking for cars that start with the letter C, we completely understand.

And to help you with your search for your next big purchase, we have a list of local and foreign cars that start with c. There are several car brands and car models that start with the initial c.

Whether you want a sedan, SUV, sports car, pickup, or any other style, we have everything covered for you. Let us begin and explore the types of cars that start with c.

Discover The Top 11 Luxury Cars That Start With C

Automobiles are one of the biggest luxuries a person can own. The market is filled with all kinds of rides. Whether you want to buy safe cars for teenagers, fun cars under $10k, or cute cars for girls, you can get it all.

With so many options available in the market, finding regular or sports cars that start with C can be a tough task. The best way to start your exploration is to look for the brands with your favorite initials. Most brands introduce models with their initials.

Thus, you can easily get the make and model with the initial you desire. This method is also ideal for the buyer looking for cars that start with m or cars that start with I.

But today we are going to explore different car brands that start with C. From affordable to luxurious, we have got everything covered for you.

1. Cadillac (1902-Present)

  • Foundation Year: 1902
  • Parent organizations: General Motors
  • Headquarters: New York City, New York, United States
  • Official Site: Cadillac USA
cars that start with c

The first and one of the most prominent car companies that start with C is Cadillac. It is one of the oldest automakers with the initial C on this list.

Cadillac Motor Car Division or Cadillac is a subsidiary of General Motors. It is well known for its luxury vehicles. So, if luxury cars that start with C are what you want, look no further than this brand.

Cadillac is all about cars that are not only affordable but also come with excellent quality. This brand can give you a ride that can serve you for years without compromising quality.

2. Chevrolet (1911-Present)

  • Foundation Year: 1911
  • Parent organizations: General Motors
  • Headquarters: Detroit, Michigan, United States
  • Official Site: Chevrolet USA
cars that start with letter c

If you are into classic rides and wish to own old car models that start with C, Chevrolet is the right brand to check out. Chevy is a subsidiary of General Motors, well-known for its quality and safe vehicles.

Chevy is among the top-selling affordable brands in America. It manufactures SUVs, automatic cars, and trucks. With Chevy, you can easily find cars with lowest insurance rates. To have a vehicle that is reliable & affordable, opting for a Chevy is the best decision you can make.

3. Caterham (1975-Present)

  • Foundation Year: 1973
  • Parent organizations: Caterham Group
  • Headquarters: Crawley, Sussex, England, United Kingdom
  • Official Site: Caterham
types of cars that start with c

Caterham is an excellent choice for all buyers only looking for sports cars that start with the letter C. Caterham is a British automaker that specializes in lightweight sports cars. The company was founded in 1973 and still produces some of the best cars for back road blasts or day thrills.

Caterham has developed well over the years. It is one of the best affordable options for sports car lovers. So, for all seeking affordable two seater cars or cheap cars that start with C but with a foreign brand, Caterham is here to serve you.

4. Chrysler (1925-Present)

  • Foundation Year: 1925
  • Parent organizations: Stellantis
  • Headquarters: Auburn Hills, Michigan, United States
  • Official Site: Chrysler
sports cars that start with c

Chrysler is the next car brand on our list of cars that start with C. Chrysler is an American automobile brand launched in 1925. This car brand is famous for its luxurious cars, including Sedans and Minivans. Chrysler 300C is one of its popular models.

All Chrysler cars have a flexible interior, advanced technology, and top safety features. Also, the company is working well with its plug-in hybrid models.

With this brand, you can easily find affordable luxury cars with white interiors or any other specification you have.

5. Chery (1997-Present)

  • Foundation Year: 1997
  • Parent organizations: State-Owned Enterprise
  • Headquarters: Wuhu, Anhui, China
  • Official Site: Chery
Luxury cars that start with c

Another car brand starting with C that you should know about is Chery. Chery Automobile Co. Ltd. is a Chinese state-owned enterprise. It was established by the Chinese government in 1997. The primary vehicles produced by the company comprise passenger cars, SUVs, and minivans.

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The body design adaptation of Hydro-Dynamic Surfacing makes this brand stand out among its competitors. All the Chery models hold high quality, making them an ideal choice for you. For everyone on a tight budget, this China-based carmaker is great.

To maintain your car well, you should always keep bug and tar remover for cars in your maintenance kit.

6. Citroen (1919-Present)

  • Foundation Year: 1919
  • Parent organizations: Stellantis
  • Headquarters: Saint-Ouen, France
  • Official Site: Citroen
sports cars that start with the letter c

Citroen is one of the many car brands that start with the letter C. This France-based auto manufacturer is well known for its mass-market cars.

So, if you want small cars that start with C but from European car brands, Citroen is for you. The brand has a good reputation for its high quality and affordability.

Besides, you can get some unique designs and styles that will catch the passerby’s eye. This automotive brand is the right choice for all classic car lovers.

7. Cisitalia (1946-1963)

  • Foundation Year: 1946
  • Parent organizations: Stellantis
  • Headquarters: Turin, Italy
  • Defunct: 1963
Cheap cars that start with c

Cisitalia was an Italy-based racing and sports car brand. The company was founded in 1946 and became defunct in 1963. Since its launch, the company has developed many racing and sports cars. Starting in Italy, the brand extended to many parts of the world.

If you want a sports car that comes with high quality, has good strength, and can serve you in the best way possible, Cisitalia is one of the best choices out there.

8. Changan (1862-Present)

  • Foundation Year: 1862
  • Parent organizations: State-Owned Enterprise
  • Headquarters: Chongqing, China Official Site: Changan
cars that start with c

Chinese automakers top this list of cars that start with C. The next one on the list is Changan. Changan is a Chinese state-owned entity well known for producing economy cars.

Changan Automobile Group is working in joint ventures with many top automobile brands: Ford, Suzuki, Mazda, and PSA Peugeot Citroen.

If you want a vehicle that suits your level of affordability, exploring this brand should not be a problem. You can even invest in security and safety accessories for your car to keep it safe.

9. Canoo (2018-Present)

  • Foundation Year: 2018
  • Parent organizations: Canoo
  • Headquarters: Torrance, CA Official Site: Canoo
types of cars that start with c

Canoo Inc., formerly known as Evelozcity, is an American auto manufacturer and developer of electric vehicles. This start-up company is based in Torrance, Los Angeles, California. In 2020, Canoo partnered with Hyundai Motor Group to build a new EV platform.

Canoo’s concept is to make affordable commercial electric vehicles like minivans, mainly for ride-sharing and vehicle rental services. Thus, if you want a car that starts with C but is “Made in USA,” there is no better option than Canoo.

10. CAMC (1999-Present)

  • Foundation Year: 1999
  • Parent organizations: Canoo
  • Headquarters: China Official Site: CAMC
Small cars that start with c

CAMC, or Hualing Xingma, is another Chinese automaker making to our list of cars that start with c. Hualing Xingma is a publicly traded company that manufactures trucks and truck-based special vehicles.

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The company was established in 1999 and now goes by Hanma Technology Group Co., Ltd. The company uses the CAMC acronym for its international markets. It has a good reputation in international automotive markets. And holds a leading position in the domestic market.

11. Cizeta (1988-Present)

  • Foundation Year: 1988
  • Parent organizations: Cizeta Automobili
  • Headquarters: Fountain Valley, CA Official Site: Cizeta
Luxury cars that start with c

Cizeta Automobili SRL is an automaker based in the US and founded in Modena, Italy, in 1988. This brand is well known for its handmade cars. There are several models produced by the company that are considered iconic.

You can buy most of them in the used car market. It means you can get the rides at much cheaper prices. But, before you purchase, learn about important questions to ask when buying a used car.

Types of Cars & Models That Start With The Letter C

Now that we have discussed and explored different cars that start with C, we have a list of top car models starting with the letter C.

So let us have a look.

MODEL            MAKE
C2 C4 C3 Aircross C4 Aircross C4 Cactus C4 PicassoCitroen
C20 C30Chevrolet
C20 CabstarNissan
C30 C70Volvo
Cabrio CooperMini
Caliber CherokeeDodge
Capella Capella RX-2Mazda
Calais Calibra CascadaHolden

Top FAQs About Cars That Start With The Letter C

What are the different types of cars that start with C?

You can find your favorite initial in all kinds of rides. There are five prominent types of cars beginning with C that you can buy in 2023.

Types of cars with initial C letter:

  • Economy cars
  • Luxury cars
  • Roadsters
  • Sports cars
  • Race cars
Can you name 11 car brands or models that start with C?

YES. Several automotive brands start with the initial c. Some are based in the US, while others are in Europe and China.

Below, we have the top 11 global automakers starting with the letter C:

  • Cadillac (Luxury Vehicles)
  • Chevrolet (Mass Market Cars)
  • Caterham (Roadsters)
  • Chrysler (Luxury Vehicles)
  • Chery (Economy Cars)
  • Citroen (Mass Market Cars)
  • Cisitalia (Racing, Sports Cars)
  • Changan (Economy Cars)
  • Canoo (Electric Cars)
  • CAMC (Trucks)
  • Cizeta (Hand-Built Cars)
Does Ford have car names that start with C?

YES. Other than car brands that start with the alphabet C, several car models have this initial.

Naming a car model is a crucial thing that contributes significantly to its sale. There are many car companies that do not start with C but have made a model or two with this initial.

Ford is one such company. If you are a Ford fanatic and wish to own its model starting with C, below is a list of all Ford cars starting with the letter C:

  • Consul
  • Corsair
  • Cortina
  • Cougar
  • Courie
  • Cobra
Are there any cars that start with d?

Plenty of cars and car brands begin with the letter D. One of the most prominent names is Dodge.

Dodge is an American automaker and a division of Stellantis North America. This brand is widely popular for its performance cars that are great off-roaders.

The Dodge Challenger is one of the most popular models of the company.

What German cars start with the letter C?

There are a few German automakers whose names start with the letter C. But many German models start with the letter C.

Below, we have listed some of the well-known German cars that start with c:

  • Cayenne – Porsche
  • Cabriolet – Audi
  • C-Class – Mercedes-Benz
  • Caddy – Volkswagen
  • California – Volkswagen
  • California Beach – Volkswagen
  • Caravelle – Volkswagen
  • Citivan – Volkswagen


Looking for cars with your favorite initials is entirely normal these days. You can look for cars that start with C without getting eye-rolls from others.

In this article, we have listed 11 top car brands that start with the letter C and some models that go by the same initial. This guide will help you with your new ride purchase.


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