9 Best Cars Similar To Honda Fit That Match Your Budget in 2022

Best Cars Similar To Honda Fit

The major Japanese automakers are known for making the most reliable and affordable cars. With affordable prices, Honda Fit also stands out in the automotive market. If you are on a budget to buy a car, cars similar to Honda Fit are just made for you.

The Honda Fit has been one of the best-selling cars in the USA since its introduction in 2006. Unlike many other vehicles, the Honda Fit offers the best price-performance at a much low price. The 2021 Honda Fit offers striking styling, advanced technology, and a range of different trim levels. 

Each 2021 Honda Fit offered a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine that develop130 horsepower and 114 pound-feet of torque, with a suggested MSRP starting at $ 16,190. If you want more performance for the same price, or just want more, read on to learn more about top-rated cars similar to Honda Fit incoming section.

List Of Top Honda Fit Competitor in 2022

The Honda Fit still offers buyers an affordable way to get around. Fuel economy, reliability, and resale ability remain the strengths of this 5-seater subcompact, as does its incredibly spacious and versatile interior. 

The Fit offers a decent passenger volume and cargo space. An entry-level Honda Fit LX with a 6-speed manual transmission has an MSRP of $ 16,190. 

In this price range, Toyota Yaris and Kia Rio are the best Honda Fit-like cars. Scroll down to see the full list of the 9 best cars like honda fit.

  1. Toyota Yaris
  2. Hyundai Accent
  3. Kia Rio
  4. Nissan Versa
  5. Mitsubishi Mirage
  6. Ford Fiesta
  7. Chevy Spark
  8. Fiat 500
  9. Chevrolet Sonic

9 Best Cars Similar To Honda Fit in 2022 Review

At an affordable price, the 2021 Honda Fit also has a very fuel-efficient engine and smooth ride quality. It also offers more room for passengers than most people would think possible, and its multi-fold rear seat is key to its phenomenal versatility.

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There’s plenty of room to stretch out in the 2020 Honda Fit cabin and plenty of standard features to make your ride even more comfortable. 

If you’re curious about the best options for finding the best cars on par with Honda Fit, let’s explore what cars similar to Honda Fit can offer you.

1. Toyota Yaris

cars similar to honda fit

Toyota Yaris is similar to the Honda Fit in price, reliability, and performance. In terms of fuel economy, if you compare the combined gas mileage in the city and on the highway, the Toyota Yaris averages 35 MPG. 

The Honda Fit, on the other hand, has an average fuel consumption of 31 MPG. Given the brand price, fuel economy, and your average repair bills.

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You can go for the Toyota Yaris in terms of affordability and gives you great options for cars like honda fit.

  • MSRP: $15,650 vs $16,190
  • MPG: 35 Combined vs 31 Combined
  • Horsepower: 106 vs 130
  • Seating capacity: 5 vs 5
  • 0-60 MPH: 9.4 sec vs 10 Sec

2. Hyundai Accent

cars like honda fit

The Accent has been known for years as a fuel-efficient, well-built, fuel-efficient small car and one of the perfect cars similar to Honda Fit. In the Hyundai Accent, you’ll find a 1.6-liter four-cylinder direct injection. 

In this, fuel economy is good at 28 mpg city and 37 mpg highway, although it falls below the setting by as much as 41 mpg highway. 

While we like the Accent engine, the Fit offers smarter packaging. The Fit is a bit more expensive, you will find a surprising amount of space.

  • MSRP: $16,645 vs $16,190
  • MPG: 36 Combined vs 31 Combined
  • Horsepower: 120 vs 130
  • Seating capacity: 5 vs 5
  • 0-60 MPH: 8.5 sec vs 10 Sec

3. Kia Rio

honda fit competitor

Under the hood, the Kia Rio is similar to the Fit in performance, which uses a 130-horsepower 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine, and the Rio has a 130-horsepower 1.6-liter four-cylinder. 

While the 2021 Rio 5-Door costs $ 185 less than the base 2021 Fit, it’s better equipped with a standard 7-inch touchscreen, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, keyless entry, and more.

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You get the same features between the two cars. Unless you really need the loading and stowage solutions of the Honda Fit, which comes with the comfort Seat and up to 52 cubic feet of cargo space.

  • MSRP: $16,050 vs $16,190
  • MPG: 35 Combined vs 31 Combined
  • Horsepower: 130 vs 130
  • Seating capacity: 5 vs 5
  • 0-60 MPH: 8.2 sec vs 10 Sec

4. Nissan Versa

cars comparable to honda fit

Nissan Veras offers some luxury features, a sleek design, and a sharp, attractive profile at $ 1,210 less than the Honda Fit. The Versa is the cheapest and best-equipped car in some respects. 

Honda Fit is expensive as compared to versa, but in return, they offer a surprisingly livable package for a small car. If you’re looking for an affordable honda fit competitor that works primarily for you, you may find more value in the Versa.

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However, if you’re looking for a compact car that you can carry around a lot in or even use as a family car, the Fit is likely better for you.

  • MSRP: $14,980 vs $16,190
  • MPG: 36 Combined vs 31 Combined
  • Horsepower: 122 vs 130
  • Seating capacity: 5 vs 5
  • 0-60 MPH: 9.7 sec vs 10 Sec

5. Mitsubishi Mirage

top 10 Honda Fit Competitors

The Honda Fit is a great car for you considering its fuel economy and cargo space, but you want an equally fun subcompact hatchback that offers better fuel economy at a much cheaper price. We recommend considering the Mitsubishi Mirage.

With an MSRP of $ 14,295 and combined fuel efficiency of 39 MPG, the Mirage is a budget-friendly honda fit competitor that will fit your budget. 

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However, you have to sacrifice performance with this car, as the Mirage comes with a single-engine as an option, a 1.2-liter three-cylinder that produces a modest 78 horsepower.

  • MSRP: $14,295 vs $16,190
  • MPG: 39 Combined vs 31 Combined
  • Horsepower: 78 vs 130
  • Seating capacity: 5 vs 5
  • 0-60 MPH: 12 sec vs 10 Sec

6. Ford Fiesta

Honda Fit vs Other Vehicles

If you’re looking to save your hard-earned dollars for cars comparable to honda fit, the 2021 Ford Fiesta is way cheaper than a Honda Fit. The Fiesta starts at $14,260, while the Honda Fit costs just $16,190. 

The Ford Fiesta offers a sportier ride than the Fit, especially in its hot hatch form, the ST trim. This makes it ideal for younger shoppers who want a little excitement on their daily commute and want the best option for cars similar to Honda Fit. 

The Honda Fit is intended for buyers who want to maximize fuel economy while getting a sporty-looking hatchback.

  • MSRP: $14,260 vs $16,190
  • MPG: 37 Combined vs 31 Combined
  • Horsepower: 197 vs 130
  • Seating capacity: 5 vs 5
  • 0-60 MPH: 6.4 sec vs 10 Sec

7. Chevy Spark

cars comparable to honda fit

The Spark is one of the smallest Honda Fit-like cars on the market, which makes it a great option for driving around big cities. 

If you compare the fit to spark, it’s easy to see that while the Fit is the more expensive vehicle, the Spark is quickly gaining advantages in fuel efficiency and interior features. Overall, the Honda Fit is the right car for you with cargo space over 39 inches in the rear and over 50 inches on the front side of cargo.

  • MSRP: $13,600 vs $16,190
  • MPG: 34 Combined vs 31 Combined
  • Horsepower: 98 vs 130
  • Seating capacity: 5 vs 5
  • 0-60 MPH: 10.7 sec vs 10 Sec

8. Fiat 500

cars like honda fit

The Fiat 500 is designed to give you more advanced performance and safety features compared to the Honda Fit. The Fiat 500 is bold and elegant. It has a sleek exterior that radiates sporty flair and a comfortable interior that seats four passengers.

While the Honda Fit offers room for five passengers and more cargo space, the Fiat 500 has more safety features that give you confidence behind the wheel.

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Both cars are great options under $ 25,000, but the Honda Fit offers more day-to-day features, while the Fiat 500 Sport is more fun to drive and has better fuel economy.

  • MSRP: $24,590 vs $16,190
  • MPG: 26 Combined vs 31 Combined
  • Horsepower: 160 vs 130
  • Seating capacity: 4 vs 5
  • 0-60 MPH: 9.4 sec vs 10 Sec

9. Chevrolet Sonic

honda fit competitor

When it comes to features and technology, Sonic has more to offer than the Honda Fit. The Chevy Sonic comes standard with a navigation system that is only available on certain Honda Fit models.

Chevy Sonic offers a little more sportiness with its inexpensive hatchback. Sure, it’s a little slower than the Fit, but it looks and feels faster, too.

If you want better handling than cars similar to the Honda Fit, then the Sonic returns with a sport suspension in its premium version that offers better handling.

  • MSRP: $16,720 vs $16,190
  • MPG: 30 Combined vs 31 Combined
  • Horsepower: 138 vs 130
  • Seating capacity: 4 vs 5
  • 0-60 MPH: 7.1 sec vs 10 Sec

Top FAQs About Cars Like Honda Fit

Which cars are similar to Honda Fit?

These cars are similar to Honda’s fit in terms of price, size, interior design, and fuel efficiency.

  1. Mini Cooper.
  2. Chevrolet Spark.
  3. Hyundai Accent.
  4. Chevrolet Sonic
  5. Nissan Versa
  6. Kia Rio
  7. Toyota Yaris
  8. Fiat 500
Is a Honda Fit or Civic better?

Both cars are great options for a small car buyer, and which one is right for you depends on what you’re looking for. The Fit is ideal for drivers looking for a small, affordable car with a surprising amount of interior space.

The Civic is arguably a more complete car, having three body options, two performance models, and standard Honda Sensing.

Is Honda fit better than Toyota Yaris?

If you are looking for a reliable and easy-to-use vehicle, you can go for the Toyota Yaris; Otherwise, the Fit is also a great option for anyone who wants versatility and good cargo space at an affordable price. The Honda Fit offers the efficiency and handling of a small car while handling cargo on par with lots of small crossovers.

Which is better Honda Fit vs Kia Soul?

The Fit offers better performance with a sportier chassis and a large engine/gearbox, while Kia’s shape makes it difficult to drive quietly, but if you are looking for a sporty, fuel-efficient subcompact, it is A lot of fun, especially in the city, our pick is the Honda Fit.

Final Thought

Car buyers like the Honda fit in with its added tech features and more modern look better suited to younger folks. It also offers significantly better performance on the straight without sacrificing fuel consumption. 

But cars comparable to honda fit also doing well, demonstrating higher, sportier performance and some luxury features at the same price as Honda Fit.

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